Artificial Intelligence Career in Bangladesh

Artificial Intelligence is a vast area. So this scope has been explored in the different domains companies need to analyze data for various purposes. So the need for data analysis in Bangladesh is gradually increasing. 

There are many resources to learn data science artificial Intelligence but for a beginner, it is tough to apply the right approaches to start an Artificial Intelligence career. In Bangladesh, it is the same thing.

For Bangladesh, the future of Artificial Intelligence is increasing day by day because the demand for data is also increasing. In a leading position company hiring a data scientist at such a high rate. And also freelancing market the demand for data analysts rated on a top skilled job position. 

If you search on google trends for an Artificial Intelligence career vs Others in Bangladesh then you may find the statistics will say Artificial Intelligence is leading present to the other. Now the common question may arise that tech background guys can easily adapt with data science, machine learning, deep learning but what about others.

The answer lies here that anyone can learn and apply Artificial Intelligence and apply its approach in every domain. The main things to learn in data science are patience, time, exercise, effort, and learning willingness.

Some popular Artificial Intelligence areas and companies:

Health Care

Google: Machine-learning For Metastasis

Clue: Predicting Periods

Oncora Medical: Cancer Care Recommendations

Road Travel

Ups: Optimizing Package Routing

Streetlight Data: Traffic Patterns, And Not Just For Cars

Uber Eats: Delivering Food While It Hot


Rspct: Basketball-coaching Sensor

British Olympic Rowing Team: Finding The Next Redgrave

Government (Fraud Detection)

Equivant: Data-driven Crime Predictions

Ice: Facial Recognition In Id Databases

Irs: Evading Tax Evasion


Sovrn: Automated Ad Placement

Instagram: Marketing With A Personal Touch

Airbnb: Search Those Highlights Hip Areas

Tinder: The Algorithmic Matchmaker

Facebook: People You Almost Definitely Know

Job opportunity

There are many companies and reputed institutes that are looking for an industry expert to do Artificial Intelligence projects but they can not reach the requirements to hire a data scientist from Bangladesh. So to fit for a data analyst interview you must have industrial working experience. 

Artificial Intelligence applications:

Identifying and predicting disease

Personalized healthcare recommendations

Optimizing shipping routes in real-time

Getting the most value out of soccer rosters

Finding the next slew of world-class athletes

Stamping out tax fraud

Automating digital ad placement

Algorithms that help you find love

Predicting incarceration rates

Career annex in AI

In Bangladesh, very few institutes have higher study programs on Artificial Intelligence. But recently many universities focus on these topics. Because data is an asset for any workforce and it is essential.

On average Bangladeshi institutes offer MSc programs to computer science background students who have completed their on It. But the nontechnical background students miss this opportunity.

Though Data Science is a researchable topic it is also an industry need. So from Bangladesh perspective, it is quite a staff issue to produce enough industrial experts from the MSc program.

Let us talk about another issue why it is not sufficient to produce industrial experts according to industry requirements

Fact no 1

Students have research on a particular topic that they can submit on their project final. So that they can not study the various fields of data science.

Fact no 2

Some have a dream of a Ph.D. but in the MSc program, many of the students lost their interest in data science.

Fact no 3

Except for reputed universities, most of the universities do not teach the industry requirements. That is why after completing the degree most of the students do not get a desire or dream job.

So the main question arises here: which place to learn AI appropriately to explore the real experts. 

So the solution is here if you go to a training institute where you become an industry expert. Top leading institute for learning artificial intelligence and also data science and they produce industrial experts. Now the market needs skilled human resources rather than a degree.

Due to a competitive workforce, it is quite difficult to hire interns to invest time in teaching them the working environment where data science is applicable. Where experts are already leading.

The moral of the word is without industrial expertise anyone can not lead these positions to survive.

But there is hope in some training institutes like HR Ventures give their students real project basis training and also collaborates with international faculties. That is such a great opportunity for all students, freshers, job holders, and also job seekers.

This type of training institutes provides their students industry flavor so that a student can set his/her ambition to be a data scientist and also become an industry expert. So the choice is yours to which training institute is better for you!