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Software Development

Software Development

Python and Django Framework basic to advanced

Training Key Benefits:

1) Online Live Interactive Class

2) Industrial Experts

3) Project Oriented Class

4)  Job Oriented Training 

5)  Priority Basis Intern Facilities

6) Freelancing Support

Focused Job Roles: 

  • Python Developer
  • Django Developer
  • Backend Developer

Environment Setup

a)Python 3 Installation

b)Visual Studio Code Installation


d)Git Installation


Core Python:
a)Why Python?
b)Input & Output
c)Variables and Datatypes
d)Adv. Datatypes list, tuple, dictionary & Set.
e)String Formatting
g)Conditional Statements- If, Elif, Else.
h)Loops: While, For
i)Function and Arguments
j)Lambda Function
k)Map, Reduce, Filter
l)File Handling
m)Exception Handling Try, Except, Else, Finally
n)Standard Libraries: Math, OS, datetime
o)User defined Module, Packages.
OOP Python:
a)Why OOP?
b)Classes and Objects
h)Implementation with Python
i)Project  Banking System using OOP
Adv. Python:
a)File Handling
b)Exception Handling
c)Project- File System
Django Path:
a)Meet Django 
c)Installation and Setup
d)Project Layout
e)Django APPs
f)Django URLs
g)Django Views  Functional View and CBV
h)Django Templates
i)Django Static Files
j)Django ORM
k)Django Model and Database
l)Django Admin Interface
m)Django CRUD
n)Django Bootstrap
o)Ecommerce Online Juice Ordering System
Meet Django:
a)Ridiculously Fast
b)Fully Loaded
d)Exceedingly Scalable
e)Incredibly Versatile
Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.
  1. Ridiculously Fast
  2. Fully Loaded
  3. Secure
  4. Exceedingly Scalable
  5. Incredibly Versatile 
Django Environment Setup:
a)Virtual Environment
b)Django Installation
c)MVT Architecture

Responsive Web Design

Focused Job Role: 

  • Front-end Designer 
  • Web Designer

Environment Setup: 

Editor (VS Code)

Course Content:

Lesson 1: HTML and HTML5

#Practicing the Basics of HTML and HTML Pages

Comments, Starting HTML Page, Head, Style, Script, Body
Meta Tag, Meta Attributes, Keywords, Description, Author, Page Refresh
Paragraph, Heading, Division, Section, Article
Header, Footer, Main, Aside
Span, Cite, Address, Abbreviation, Details, Summary
Bold, Underline, Italic, Small, Strong, Subscript, Superscript
Delete, Mark, Code, Block Quote, Quotation

#Practicing Advanced HTML and Basic HTML5

Font, Font Size, Font Color, Font Face
HTML Entities-Registered Trademark, Copyright, Euro, Space, Cent, Pound
Symbol-Summation, Elements Of, Not Elements Of, Empty, Differential Sign
URL Anchor, Mail Anchor, Call Anchor, Target
Navigation Tag, Purpose of Navigation Tag
Image, Image Source, Alternate Attribute, Height and Width, Title
Description List, Define Terms, Define Details, Ordered List, Unordered List, List Item

#Practicing More HTML5 and Designing Pages with Introduction of CSS

Level, Result, Access Key, Editable Attribute, Downloadable Product
Table, Table Row, Table Data, Table Head, Table Body, Table Foot, Style Attribute, Border
HTML Form, Input Types, Get and Post Method, Button Tag, Button Attributes
Designing Website Layout using HTML
How to and Where to CSS code, Comments in CSS, Converting Style Attribute to CSS
ID Selector, Class Selector, Child Class, Grouping Selector, Multi Stylesheet, Link Stylesheet

Lesson 2: CSS and CSS3

#Practicing Basic CSS Codes

Background Image, Background Repeat, Background Position, Background Color
Padding, Margin, List, Font, Link, and Table using CSS
CSS Combinatory-Child Selector, Descendent Selector, Adjacent Selector; Target Selector
Dimension, Media Screen, Responsive Design
Cursor, Custom Font (from External and Internal Source)
Designing with Advanced CSS and Basic Bootstrap

#Designing with Advanced CSS and Basic Bootstrap

Border in CSS, Box Shadow, Opacity, Horizontal Alignment, Background Image Handling
Float, Clear Tag, Columns, Visibility
Table in CSS, Position in CSS
An example Dropdown Menu using CSS
Outline, Menu Example 1 and 2, CSS for Print Screen
Why Bootstrap and how we can use it?
Bootstrap Designing Patterns
Designing Using Bootstrap

#Designing Using Bootstrap

Designing Search Box and Text Fields using CSS3
Border Image, Background Image, Background Color
Gradient, Text Shadow, Word Break
Rotate, Rotate X, Rotate Y, Content Position, Counter
Transform, Animation, Button in CSS3, Columns, Filter
Designing Layout using CSS
Understanding the Concept of Template and Theme

Lesson 3: JavaScript & jQuery

#Basic JavaScript

Writing JavaScript Code, Comments, Simple Variable, Variable Types
JS Operators, Simple Function, Parameter, Arguments
If Else Statement, Handling Multiple Condition, Conditional Operators
Get Element By ID, Get Element By Tag Name, Get Element By Class
Switch Case, For Loop
jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library

#jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library

Basis Rules and Guidelines on jQuery; Show, Hide, Toggle Function
Change CSS using jQuery, Menu with Mouse-over and Mouse-out
Focus and Blur on Text Field
Fade-in, Fade-out, Fade-Toggle
Slide-up, Slide-down, Menu using Toggle
Get and Set Text/HTML using jQuery

#jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library

Example-Add and Remove Element Dynamically
Get Dimension using jQuery, Animation using jQuery
Load File using jQuery, AJAX Page Load using jQuery, No Conflict Function
Make Popup using jQuery, Print Selected Division using jQuery
Calendar Date Picker, Crosscheck Password using jQuery

Project: A Professional PSD to HTML Template Design

PHP & Laravel Framework
Course Overview

Focused Job Role: 

  • Web Developer
  • Laravel Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Full Stack Developer

Course Content

Introduction Course Overview Front-End Introduction + PHP+ Laravel

  • PHP Dependency Manager (Composer)
  • Understanding about Git
  • Environment Setup
  • Laravel (Request Lifecycle)
  • Laravel (Routes)
  • Laravel (Controllers)
  • Laravel (Views)
  • Laravel (Blade Templating Engine)
  • Laravel (request, Response)
  • Laravel (Middleware / Security)
  • MySQL database
  • PHP PDO (PHP Data Object)
  • Understanding about MVC
  • Project Deployment
  • Market Palace and many more

Course Module:

# Lesson 1: Orientation & PHP Basic

Intro to PHP

Basic syntax, Variables & Constance

#Lesson 2: Laravel

Theory of MVC & OOP

Laravel Installation

Laravel Architecture Foundations

Routing and Controllers

#Lesson 3: Laravel Project

Views & Blade Templating

Forms & Validation, Upload Handling

#Lesson 4: Laravel Project

Session, Authentication & Middleware

Database Migrations & Models

#Lesson 5: Laravel Project

Basic CRUD Operations

#Lesson 6: Laravel Project


Eloquent Relationships

#Lesson 7: Laravel Project


#Lesson 8: Laravel Project
  • Login with facebook & google etc..
  • Google re-captcha validation
  • Facebook comment system
#Lesson 9: Laravel Project

Ajax with laravel CRUD operation

Industry Project:

  • E-Commerce Project
  • Currency Converter
  • Multiple Language Add
  • Role Permission
  • Payment Gateway (Sandbox)

Course Price : 0৳